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Volcanoes 101

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    Read about the types of volcanoes
    • Use the attached document to organize your information. 
    Watch the video
    • How is seismology used to predict volcanic eruptions?
    • What methods or processes are used to collect evidence/data?
    • How is the evidence or data analyzed and interpreted?
    • How is this information used by society?
    • Why is it important to study and understanding this?
    Read about volcanoes in the ocean
    • Where are most of earth's volcanoes?
    • What is the Ring of Fire?
    • How are volcanoes connected to hot spots?
    Watch the video
    • What causes a volcano to erupt? Correctly use the term "pressure" in your explanation.
    • How does the scientist model this in a lab?
    • What is inside a magma chamber? How fast does magma move out of the chamber?
    Read about volcanoes
    • What is the difference between active, dormant and extinct volcanoes?
    • Describe the eruption and after effects of Mt. St. Helens.
    • Review how volcanoes form.
    • Describe how scientists might be able to predict eruptions. What instruments are used?