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5.1 Stellar Death Exploration

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  • Open the activity and complete the activity. Answer these questions:

    1. Click on the interactive lab "Helium Burning Process". Play with the simulation. What is the relationship between pressure gravity and temperature in a helium burning star?

    2. Why does a star burn helium?

    3. Why does the outer shell of a star expand?

    4. As the outer shell of a star expands, the surface temperature if the star decreases. Helium burning is much hotter than hydrogen burning. Why would the surface temperature decrease?

    5. Which human life stage is a Red Giant similar to?

    6. Describe the death of low mass stars. How is a white dwarf related to a planetary nebula?

    7. Describe the death of medium mass stars. What are the characteristics of a neutron star?

    8. Describe the death of high mass stars. What happens during the carbon burning process?