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The Big Bang 101

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    Read about the Big Bang
    • What are some possible ends to the universe? What determines each possible end?
    • Describe Cosmic Background Radiation and why it is important.
    • Describe inflation and why it is important. 
    • Describe dark energy and why it is important. 
    Examine the infographic
    • What has occured since the Big Bang?
    • How long ago was the Big Bang?
    • How old was the universe when the first stars appeared?
    Watch the video
    • What were the first particles to form?
    • What role does energy play in the beginning of the universe?
    • When were protons and neutrons formed?
    • What were the first elements to form? How old was the universe when this happened?
    • What caused the universe to be transparent and dark?
    • What eventually formed at the densest locations?
    • How did the first heavy elements form?
    • How did heavier elements get dispersed throughout the universe?
    • Create a timeline of the universe, based on the contents of this video.