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Your Final

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  • For your final project, I'd like you to build something a little more difficult in Scratch.  You've gone through and should have a pretty firm grasp on coding with blocks, so this shouldn't be too difficult.  

    But that doesn't mean it won't be at least a bit challenging!

    In this pdf are the steps you'll need to create a basic maze in Scratch.  Follow the steps to make your own for this assignment. You may choose another Scratch project there are many to choose from. Check with your instructor before beginning to choose a project that is right for your skill level.  

    I expect you to include:

    1. Up / down / right / left controls (or controlled by mouse, if you're into that sort of thing)
    2. Walls that either bounce you off or that make you restart (if you're cruel)
    3. A clearly marked ending that the user needs to get to
    4. If you want to do the extensions like portals and monsters in the maze, you are awesome and will get extra credit


    1. Follow the steps in the Maze Game pdf
    2. Create your own maze (read the list above for minimum expectations)
    3. Publish your maze
    4. Test it out!  Make sure it works!  Exclamation Point!
    5. Post your URL in the Discussion Board