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Creating a Review

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  • Hopefully Kompozer is being good for you, and you've got everything working the way it should be working now. I'd like you to create a review of something and put that review online.  Here's what I'm talking about.


    1. Create a new file in Kompozer called "review.html"
    2. Write a one paragraph review of any book or movie you'd like.  This can be silly or serious.
    3. Your review should include
      • the name of the book or movie (use an h1 heading)
      • one paragraph about the book or movie (description)
      • one paragraph telling WHY you do or do not like it
      • at least one image (book cover, movie poster, etc)
    4. Save the page in Kompozer
    5. Upload the page to your site
    6. Paste the URL for the page in the Discussion Board