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International Business Presentation

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  • Select a country from the list of approved countries at the following website— (starred items below can be found at the website). You will create a business presentation using PowerPoint (which will include an outline of your topic.. not word for word what you intend to say!!) to be presented orally to the class (you may need to video your presentation). Presentations must include the following information:

    1. Title Slide
    2. Country Information (population, religion, location—MAP, other pertinent information)
    3. Video: Google Earth to show your country’s location
      (use Google Earth and AutoScreenRecorder)
    4. Other Information
      (find the country’s flag and origin/meaning of the flag, currency and a picture of the currency, and conversion to $US)
      1. NOTE: Info for country/other information can be obtained from the World Factbook at or; currency photos at or 
    5. Things to Know Before Traveling (visit the consular website-- and find out what you need to do to go there, safety/crime issues, speed limit, etc.)
    6. A Few Words… (find a few words from that country, especially hello, goodbye, thank you, etc.)
    7. Making Appointments*
    8. Business Dress*
    9. Topics of Conversation (good and bad)*
    10. Addressing Others*
    11. Acceptable Behavior*
    12. Gift Giving*
    13. Negotiating*
    14. Entertaining*
    15. Dining (find a few country favorite foods)
    16. Conclusion: Compare to the US. How is currency different? How are customs/culture? Would you want to visit there? Why/why not?