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5.03 One Page Flyer

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  • For this assignment, you are going to continue working on the theme of your dream job and learn more features of word processing.

    You have already written in your mini-essay about some ideas you have for a job or career you would like to pursue ten years after you graduate. Now imagine you want to start a new club for other people who share your idea of a dream job.

    Choose a name for this club, pick a date, time, and place for the first meeting, and write a short paragraph describing the purpose of the club. Find or make at least one image to use that will attract people’s attention and communicate the purpose of the club. 


    Then create a one page flyer in a word processor to advertise this first meeting. Here is a sample flyer for a club. You can follow this template. Do not make it look exactly like mine, but you should have all of that basic information on yours. Choose your own fonts and sizes that you think are appropriate for your club.

    If you need help figuring out how to insert an image into your document, you can use Google or YouTube for search for videos on "How To.." In addition using the help menu of the word processor you're using can be very helpful. 

    If you already know how to do most of this in Word, I expect you to be more adventurous in your design.