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Autosomal Disorders

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  • Chromosome pairs 1 to 22 make up what are referred to as your autosomes. These are genes that contain characteristics not directly related to the sex of an organism. Mendel's rules of inheritance apply to autosomal genetic disorders.


    Recessive Disorders

    Two copies of the recessive allele must be present for a person to have the disorder. For this to happen it means both parents, while unaffected by the disorder, were both carriers for the disorder. There is a good illustration of this on the Mayo Clinic Autosomal Recessive Inheritance Pattern page

    Examples of recessive disorders: cystic fibrosis, sickle cell anemia, Tay Sachs disease 


    Dominant Disorders

    Dominant autosomal disorders happen, but they do not happen very often. 

    Example: Huntington's disease