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1.8: Cheminformatics Resources

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    Cheminformatics Books

    The following list is in reverse chronological order (and alphabetical for publications of the same year). There is no endorsement of any book implied by this list, and when possible, a link to both Amazon and original publisher are provided.

    1. Applied Chemoinformatics: Achievements and Future Opportunities, 2018, Engel & Gasteiger (Editors).  Wiley, Amazon.
    2. Chemoinformatics: Basic Concepts and Methods, 2018, Engel & Gasteiger (Editors).  WileyAmazon .
    3. In Silico Medicinal Chemistry, 2016, Nathan Brown.  RSC Publishing, Amazon.
    4. Introducing Cheminformatics, 2013, David Wild.  LuLu, Amazon (Kindle)
    5. Handbook of Chemoinformatics Algorithms, 2010, Faulon & Bender.  CRC, Amazon
    6. An Introduction to Chemoinformatics, 2003, Leach & Gillet.  SpringerAmazon.
    7. Chemoinformatics: A Textbook, 2003, Gasteiger & Engel, WileyAmazon.


    Cheminformatics Journals


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