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6. Voltmeter Connection

This section describes the fabrication of the cathode cable and integration of the cable into the custom-built CE system. We recommend that you look at the referenced pictures prior to performing any fabrication in order to avoid wasting materials.

  1. Using wire cutters, cut a length (~36 inches) of 22-gauge electrical wire into two equal pieces. Strip approximately ½” of the sheath from all four ends. Solder a 1kΩ resistor to the two cables, connecting them. Solder a platinum electrode to one of the ends of the cable.

    Cathode Cable

  2. The ground cable should be connected to the ground on the power supply, which in turn is connected to the earth ground.

    Power Supply Grounding Post

  3. The platinum electrode is inserted into the cathode reservoir vial.
  4. Integrate the voltmeter by using alligator clips to detect the voltage (or current) across the resistor.

Cathode Cable (Integrated)