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I. Parts List and Vendor Information for Home-Built CE System

Below is a list of the components used to fabricate the home-built CE system. A potential vendor’s website and corresponding part number are provided for each component. While components may be acquired through other vendors (using part numbers other than the ones provide below), the system described here may be fabricated using the components available from the vendors listed below.

Item: Power Supply
Possible Vendor: Spellman High Voltage Electronics Corp.

Possible Part Number: CZE1000R

Item: UV-visible Absorbance Detector
Possible Vendor: Chrom Tech, Inc.,
Possible Part Number: D-500B (detector), 9550-0155 (flow cell)

Item: Capillary
Possible Vendor: Polymicro Technologies, LLC,
Possible Part Number: TSP050375 (50 micron i.d.)

Item: Pressure valves and Fittings
Possible Vendor: Swagelok,
Possible Part Number: B-200-3, Union Tee – 1/8”
                                     B-200-1-4, Male Connector – 1/8” to ¼” N-NPT (need 2)
                                     B-200-7-4, Female Connector – 1/8” to ¼” P-NPT
                                     B-41XS2, Valve – 1/8” 3-way valve
                                     SS-QM2-S-200, Miniature Quick Connect System,
                                     SS-QM2-B-200, Miniature Quick Connect Body

Item: Solenoid Valve
Possible Vendor: Intek Systems, Inc.,
Possible Part Number: 225B-111-CA, ¼” 120VAC/24VDC Conduit

Item: Platinum Wire
Possible Vendor: Goodfellow Corporation,
Possible Part Number: PT005150, 1.0mm Wire 0.1m length

Item: Pressure Gauge
Possible Vendor: Supelco, Inc. (Sigma Aldrich),
Possible Part Number: 20469, Pressure Gauge with Tee 0-30psig

Item: Tubing
Possible Vendor: Sigma-Aldrich,
Possible Part Number: 20469, 20488, Copper Tubing 1/8”, 20532, Teflon tubing, 1/8” OD

Item: Ferrules
Possible Vendor: Alltech Associates, Inc.,
Possible Part Number: RF-100/.04-G, 1/16” to 0.4mm Graphite Ferrules, 10 pk

Item: Timer
Possible Vendor: V Mouser Electronics,
Possible Part Number: 655-CNS-35-96, 11 PIN 24-240VAC-VDC C4015-1,

Item: Vials
Possible Vendor: VWR International,
Possible Part Number: C4015-1, Waters Clear 4mL Vial
                                     C4015-1W, White Open-Top Cap
                                     C4015-10, White Virgin PTFE Septa
                                     C4015-60, Teflon/Silicone Septa

Item: Lab Jack
Possible Vendor: VWR International,
Possible Part Number: 60144-202, Micro Lab Jack 3x3”

Item: Syringe Filters
Possible Vendor: VWR International,
Possible Part Number: 28143-924, Syringe Filter, 25mm 0.45um

Item: Data Card
Possible Vendor: National Instruments,
Possible Part Number: 776844-01, SCB68
                                     777-231-01 PCI-M10-16XE-50
                                     777293-01, SH68-68-EP Cable Pack
                                     *Note: these items are specific for a laptop not a desktop

Item: Software
Possible Vendor: Wavemetrics,
Possible Part Number: Igor Pro 5 + NIDAQ tools