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Report (Data Analysis And Discussion)

Consult your laboratory instructor regarding the content and format of the report. The following are suggested items to consider and questions to answer.

  1. Show example voltammograms for the reduction of ferricyanide (or the oxidation of FCA) and a short discussion on how experiments were conducted. Report any changes made to the procedure.
  2. Equation 1 does not indicate a scan rate dependence for iss. Do your results agree with this? The iss can be corrected for the background charging current by extrapolating the linear portion of the background current and measuring iss from the background to the point at which you take the iss value.
  3. Calculate a value for iss using equation 1 and compare it to what you get experimentally. The diffusion coefficient of ferricyanide is 0.65 x 10-5 cm2/s. If you used ferrocene carboxylic acid as the electroactive species, calculate a value of D from your experimentally determined iss.