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Solutions: Reactions of Oxides (Worksheet)

Complete and balance each of the reactions below:

1.  Na2O   +   H2g  2 NaOH
 basic oxide of nonacidic cation gives hydroxide in water

2.  I2O5   +   H2g  2 HIO3
acidic oxide with water gives oxoacid

3.   CO   +   H2g  no reaction
non-reactive oxide (one of three listed in class)

4.   CaO   +   CO2  g  CaCO3
basic oxide    acidic oxide

5.   FeO   +   SO3     g  FeSO4
basic oxide    acidic oxide

6.   RuO4    +  P4O10    g  no reaction
acidic oxide    acidic oxide

7.   2 CrO   +  TiO2   g Cr2TiO4
basic oxide    acidic oxide

8.   Fe2O3    +   H+   g  3 H2O   +  2 Fe+3
basic oxide of moderately acidic cation dissolves in strong acid to give water and metal ions

9.    Fe2O3   +   H2g    no reaction
basic oxide of moderately acidic cation - insoluble in water

10.  2 BeO    +    SiO2    g  Be2SiO4
basic oxide    acidic oxide