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For each of the following, determine if the molecule would have a dipole moment (polar or nonpolar):

1. Draw the Lewis Dot Structure for each

2. Determine the Electron Arrangement

3. Draw the Molecular Geometry

4. Find the electronegativities for each atom and draw an arrow along the bond toward the most electronegative element

5. If the arrows cancel each other out, the molecule/ ion is nonpolar (no dipole moment).  If the arrows do not cancel, the molecule/ ion is polar (has a dipole moment)

PF5              No dipole CS2                No dipole BrO3-              Dipole
NH4+              No dipole SCl4                Dipole BrF5                Dipole
BF3              No dipole SCl6                No dipole PH3                  Dipole
NF3             Dipole SO42-               No dipole CO32-               No dipole
SiCl4            No dipole ClO3-               Dipole CH2O               Dipole
NO3-            No dipole O3                    Dipole CCl4                 No dipole
AlH3              No dipole SO2                  Dipole SO3                  No dipole
CO                 Dipole CHCl3               Dipole BrF3                 Dipole
H2S                Dipole I3-                      No dipole H3O+                Dipole