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General A001: Elements, compounds and substances

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  • The following questions are multiple choice; clearly circle the answer which you think is the most appropriate. These questions are for self-testing only, and are not suitable for assignments or exams.

    1. Which of the following is an element?

    A Sugar
    B Water
    C Steam
    D Snow
    E Iron

    2. Which of the following is NOT a pure substance?

    A Water
    B Salt
    C Soil
    D Iron
    E Gold

    3. Which of the following is a metal?

    A Water
    B Iron
    C Chlorine
    D Ice
    E Soil

    4. Which of the following is an element but NOT a metal?

    A Oxygen
    B Copper
    C Aluminium
    D Water
    E Salt

    5. Which of the following does NOT contain any chemical substances?

    A Air
    B Water
    C A wood fire
    D Light
    E A pure diamond crystal

    6. Which of the following substances makes up around one fifth of the air we breathe?

    A Iron
    B Oxygen
    C Chlorophyll
    D Sodium
    E Hydrogen

    7. Which two elements, when combined, form water?

    A Hydrogen and oxygen
    B Hydrogen and nitrogen
    C Sulfur and oxygen
    D Sodium and oxygen
    E Sodium and nitrogen

    8. What is a chemical compound?

    A A subatomic particle
    B A combination of two protons and two electrons
    C A combination of two or more chemical elements
    D A mixture of two or more substances
    E An alloy of two or more metals

    9. Which of the following is NOT true of matter on the Earth?

    A Matter is always composed of atoms
    B All substances are made of matter
    C All matter contains chemical elements
    D Soil is composed of matter
    E Matter always consists of molecules

    10. Which element can be found as charcoal, diamond or buckyballs?

    A Hydrogen
    B Carbon
    C Oxygen
    D Silver
    E Lead


    1. E

    2. C

    3. B

    4. A

    5. D

    6. B

    7. A

    8. C

    9. E

    10. B