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Port Assignments

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  • These ports are assigned on in order to allow for the testing of both front and back end code. The testing port should be what your NodeJS application should accept as a command line argument and should be the port that the server binds to. When code is pushed to production, production port assignments are given out on a per-application basis and recorded here. The debugging port is the port that you pass into node --inspect and should be what you use to connect the SSH remote debugger when needed. Here is an example of running app.js with Henry's port assignments:

    $ node --inspect=4000 app.js 8000


    Name (In order of hiring)


    Testing Port

    Debugging Port

    Henry Agnew 0 4000 8000
    Leo Jayachandran 1 4001 8001
    Cate Pera 2 4002 8002
    Nik Lundgren 3 4003 8003
    Aryan Suri 4 4004 8004
      5 4005 8005
      6 4006 8006
      7 4007 8007