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Short Introductions

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  • All team members should fill out a bio so that new team members can quickly get to know everyone! Also, this page serves as a first exposure towards editing on the LibreTexts platform for newcomers.

    Photo, name, position Short Introduction (Background and skills)


    Henry Agnew - Lead

    I am a senior pursuing an ACS Chemistry Major/CS minor. I have been part of this project since before my time at UC Davis, but it was only after having Dr. Larsen for Chem 2BH that I moved over towards the programming side. I've always been intrigued with computers, but after starting up a Robotics team in High School and working with high-tech instrumentation in chemistry I've been interested in finding a career in Chemistry that also leverages my programming abilities. 


    I'm experienced with Full-Stack NodeJS as well as with the React.js framework. I also have set up our initial cluster of servers on DigitalOcean in order to support our integrations into the LibreTexts/Mindtouch platform. While I have refined these skills primarily from learning as I worked, I always recommend as a great resource for learning programming.

    Leo Jayachandran

    I'm a freshman Chemical Engineering major and have yet to take any of the CS classes here. Most of my programming comes from the projects I did in high school.

    My main programming language is JavaScript, and I typically work client side, so I'm not very familiar with NodeJS, but I have frequently used jQuery before. HTML & CSS I'm quite comfortable with and can do most of the standard tasks. Most recently I was working on the HTML5 Canvas for creating animations, games and simulations, but it wasn't anything too extensive.

    I am also decently familiar with C++, VBA and Python, although it has been a while since I used them.

    Cate Pera

    A bit about me, I'm a sophomore double majoring in English/Design with emphases in creative writing and graphics, respectively. I enjoy web coding because it's like a puzzle to me, I love the challenge of figuring out how to make new things happen and I consider learning new tools/models to be one of the best parts.

    I have experience coding HTML/CSS; most of what I know has come from a class I'm currently finishing about web design, as well as from experimentation in my free time with help from As of right now, the top of my skillset is I am able to build a basic mobile and desktop friendly website from scratch, utilizing the grid method (strongly preferred) or floats, flex box, box model, linking external fontawesome/google fonts, and other basic techniques. I am proficient in Atom and Dreamweaver CC, as well as the irritatingly limited things Wordpress will let you do for free. [Plan on learning Javascript this summer]

    Nik Lundgren Up here from LA for a BS in chemical physics with a minor in computer science. Currently working with the Donadio group programming a novel approach to thermal transport models in crystalline solids. Also work as a kavatender at the Root of Happiness (next to DeVere's). And I work with Rotaract and the Odd Fellows doing local community service stuff if someones looking for volunteer work.

    I love spreadsheets to death (<3 Excel). Fluent in python. Experienced with JS, HTML, CSS, PHP, and Matlab. Experienced at incorporation of plug-ins and external libraries. Novice understanding of C++, Java, SQL. Graphic design experience with vector based graphic freeware (Inkscape).

    Aryan Suri