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  • Welcome to the LibreTexts Student Programming team! 

    This student programming team is primarily web-dev oriented and aims to enhance the LibreTexts platform with advanced functionalities. This consists of developing Javascript/React.js applications that reside in the browser as well as server-side Node.js applications for back-end processing. Since we have so many projects that need attention, students are assigned individual projects and work at their own pace. This Getting Started Guide contains information relating to the technologies that Student Programmers are expected to work with as well as links to further resources. Student Programmers are encouraged to improve this guide as they accumulate experience so that future newcomers to our team will have an even better resource to work from.


    If you ever have any issues that need discussing:

    • If it is a programming question, always try a Google, Stackoverflow, and/or Github search first in case someone else has encountered the same problem.
    • If your issue isn't resolved with a quick search, you can always use Slack or to communicate with the team and ask for help there.
    • For important issues, you can directly email the Programming Lead (, Project Coordinator (, or Project Director ( depending on the severity of the issue. When emailing the Project Coordinator or Director for the first time, make sure to include "LibreTexts Student Programmer" in the subjectline to ensure they prioritize your message.


    Here are some brief steps that all newcomers should do:

    1. Make sure you have access to your UCPath Payroll system.
    2. Ask the Programming Lead to set up a account.
      1. Visit this guide to get a basic introduction to the platform as well as links to more detailed guidance.
      2. Once you are in, don't forget to add your bio to here!
    3. Ask the Programming Lead to get you a Slack/ account. See Getting Started with Communication for more details.
    4. Set up a Github Account and send your username to the Programming Lead. See Getting Started with Github for more details.
    5. Now that the basics should be set up, feel free to come back to this Getting Started Guide when you are ready for more advanced topics such as Node.js or React.js!