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Zonal reflection conditions

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  • The zonal reflection conditions are the general reflection conditions due to the presence of glide planes. The resulting conditions apply only to two dimensional sets of reflections, i.e. to reciprocal-lattice nets containing the origin (such as hk0, h0l, 0klhhl). For instance, for a glide plane parallel to (001):

    type of reflection reflection condition glide vector glide plane
    0kl k = 2 n b/2 b
    l = 2 n c/2 c
    k + l = 2 n b/2 + c/2 n
    k + l = 4 n
    kl = 2n
    b/4 ± c/4 d

    The zonal reflection conditions are listed in Table of International Tables of Crystallography, Volume A.

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    Section 2.2.13 of International Tables of Crystallography, Volume A