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2.3: Creating a Page

  • Page ID
  • Creating a New Page

    1. On the black toolbar, click New.
    2. Select the following page default classifications:
      • Page

    The available classifications if you are making a Page will be:

    clipboard_e3ffcd6b94ea79b6748c9897b778c014b.pngFigure  \(\PageIndex{1}\): Create a new Page

    1. Select Chapter and Cick the Create button.

    The Editor will create a new page in your new book


    Figure  \(\PageIndex{2}\): Change the title of the Page

    Title Your Page

    The uniform LibreTexts title format pages is 

    "XX.YY: title"


    • XX is the chapter number
    • YY is the section number
    • title is the page title

    If the title has a colon it in (other the then colon after the chapter.section combo), please convert it to a dash. Several exceptions to this format include:

    • Chapter Summaries: "XX.S: Chapter Title (Summary)"),
    • Chapter Exercises: "XX:.E Chapter Title (Exercises)" and
    • Section Subpages (avoid if possible), which should be then indicated by adding a letter (alphabetically). e.g., "4.3A: Cats are cute" and "4.3B: Dogs are cute" are both subsections to section/page "4.3: Animals are cute"

    This approach preserves the curation and remixing ability of the pages. It also preserve the automatic equations/figure/table numbering that work off of the title of the page.

    1. Title your Chapter with 1.0: First Page for now. The Mindtouch Editor arranges pages and chapters alphabetically therefore we use numbers followed by fullcolins and a space to keep things in order
    2. Click Save.

    clipboard_e5333538f3c92c0a3b61d3457fa51d8f1.pngFigure  \(\PageIndex{3}\): Although this looks like nothing, it is the place to start writing our book.  

    Now click on the edit button and we can start writing the book

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