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2.2: Creating a Chapter

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  • Creating a New Chapter 

    1. On the black toolbar, click New.
    2. Select the following page default classifications:
      • Chapter

    The available page classifications if you are making a Chapter will be:


    Figure  \(\PageIndex{1}\): Create a new Chapter

    1. Select Chapter and Cick the Create button.

    The Editor will create a new chapter in your new book


    Figure  \(\PageIndex{2}\): Change the title of the chapter


    Never erase anything in the edit box especially anything between the delimiters. The MindTouch system uses these templates to track the chapters and pages in your book as discussed in Section 3.2 of the full Construction guide.

    Title Your Chapter

    LibreTexts has a uniform title format that that should be used unless it is impossible. Each chapter should be formatted like

    "XX: title"


    • XX is the chapter number
    • YY is the section number
    • title is the page title

    If the title has a colon it in (other the then colon after the chapter.section combo), please convert it to a dash.

    This approach preserves curation and remixing ability of the pages. It also preserve the automatic equations/figure/table numbering that work off of the title of the page.

    1. Title your Chapter with 1: First Chapter for now. The Mindtouch Editor arranges pages and chapters alphabetically therefore we use numbers followed by full colins and a space to keep things in order
    2. You can add text in the box explaining the purpose of your book now or later
    3. Click Save.

    Best to just save


    Both the template line or a DekiScript code (red box with code in it)  at the top of the page, and any references to article type tags (such as the line "Tags recommended by the template…") determine how the page behaves. If you see these lines on newly created pages, do not remove them.

    The system will now invite you to build out a guide. Guides are the way that you and other users navigate through the system. 



    Figure  \(\PageIndex{3}\): Create a new Chapter


    Click on the + tab at the top left to see the choices


    Figure  \(\PageIndex{4}\): Select the Ariticle Directory as your guide

    Select Article Directory.  After you do so, the following directory will appear


    Figure  \(\PageIndex{5}\): The new guide ready to be filled

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