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2.1: Creating a New Book

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    LibreTexts libraries follow a specialize site structure that is optimized for users. Each page is classified as either Book/Unit, Chapter or Section/Page. Model organizations can be found here, but only three are typically used in the LibreTexts:



    Figure  \(\PageIndex{1}\): Model organization to follow.

    For more complex structures see the complete online Construction Guide, but for this workshop we will stick with the one on the right where you will create your own book under the workshop book.  Let's get started

    Making a New Book 

    1. On the black toolbar, click New.
    2. Select the following page default classifications:
      • Book/Unit

    Not all three options should be available since the organization must follow those in Figure \(\PageIndex{1}\). The available page classifications if you are making a Book/Unit will be:


    Figure  \(\PageIndex{2}\):

    1. Click the Create button.

    The Editor will create a new book under the Workshop rubric


    Figure  \(\PageIndex{3}\): Creating a new book


    Never erase anything in the edit box especially anything between the delimiters. The MindTouch system uses these templates to track the chapters and pages in your book as discussed in Section 3.2 of the full Construction guide.

    Title Your Book

    1. Title your page with your name for now. You can change this later.
    2. You can add text in the box explaining the purpose of your book now or later
    3. And if applicable, add imagesvideos or tables to enhance your book
    4. Click Save.

    Best to just save

    Both the DekiScript code (red box with code in it) at the top of the page, and any references to article type tags (such as the line "Tags recommended by the template…") determine how the page behaves. If you see these lines on newly created pages, do not remove them.

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