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Core/Wikitext Approach

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  • Key to the utility of the ChemWiki hypertextbook is its intrinsic flexibility. All Modules containing information are contained in the Core. Then the “Wikitexts” can be constructed for a specific class as an easily edited list of hyperlinks to the Core Modules. This provides a powerful flexibility in introducing and removing content without affecting other concurrently operating classes and further provides the flexibility for instructors to construct the Wikitext that best suits their needs (e.g., ignoring non-integral topics). Each Module contains metadata (information set aside from the content) that outlines the recommended Modules necessary for students to have read prior to the Module in order to receive a full understanding of the content contained therein. For example, an instructor can construct a Wikitext by generating a list of hyperlinks to Core Modules in the order that best fits the class flow or pedagogical approach.


    If existing Core Modules are insufficient for course goals, new ones can be easily generated from existing vetted ones via a graphical editor. Existing Wikitexts are available for instructors to peruse, to pick from, to adapt and then to ultimately adopt. Select paper-based textbooks have "Textbook Maps" that connect ChemWiki content to their organization. Wikitexts have the capacity to be printed out in hyperlinked PDF files which enable their usage outside of computer or internet requirements.