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Expert Participation

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  • Chemistry experts, both inside and outside the academic world are encouraged to participate in the ChemWiki construction. Our primary goal is to make an online resource that will be successful in competing with existing paper-based textbooks, the Core/wiki text approach is designed to provide the stable infrastructure for accomplishing this, while maintaining the flexibility for a varied approach to avoid the "consensus" one-man view. One reason that departments reject certain textbooks is because the book fails to mold into the existing curriculum or teaches students at a different level than the respective student audience. Hence, we are designing our ChemWiki site to have multiple Modules sets to address the same topic from differing perspectives and addressing differing levels of student performances. There are several mechanism available for this:


    One of the goals of the ChemWiki project is to consolidate existing online chemistry material and to provide a central location that is advertisement and commercial free, where students can access a extensive database of chemistry knowledge constructed from multiple contributors within the same powerful environmental structure equipped with internal (and external) hyperlinking and reviewing protocols. By consolidation existing online chemistry resources into the ChemWiki, we reduce the different (and often superficial) presentational approaches, yet preserve the underlying content and educational gist.

    If you have an existing online material that you would like to contribute to the ChemWiki, please contact Delmar Larsen at the address in the Development Page.


    Much of the content on the ChemWiki, although correct, is not vetted and hence is unable to be trusted as a viable textbook alternative. The multiplexed development scheme for the ChemWiki allows experts to participate in the Vetting structure by reading and reviewing module material. If you would like to review Modular material for either scientific or English accuracy, please contact Delmar Larsen at the address in the Development Page.