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Hands On III: ADAPT Homework

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  • The ADAPT homework system is a multifaceted online assessment infrastructure to accompany LibreTexts books and provide a wide range of questioning options. A video playlist is available on the LibreTexts YouTube Channel. A set of small tutorials are available in Chapter 9 of the Construction Guide.

    Log into the expansive ADAPT website:

    Objectives of the Hands-On session

    • Step 1: Create a course
    • Step 2: Import an existing course
    • Step 3: Create an assignment
    • Step 4: Import an existing assignment
    • Step 5: Add an existing assessment to an existing assignment
      • Using Assignment Remixer
      • Using Tags
      • Using Direct Import (of existing page on LibreTexts) (optional)
    • Step 6: Embedding a question in your book via ADAPT.

    Construction of problems requires more effort, but the simplest technology is H5P and the LibreStudio is available for LibreTexts user to create, store and distribute H5P problems.

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