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Chapter 6 Outline

Nomenclature of Alkyl Halides

Common Names

Introduction to the Nucleophilic Substitution Reaction

Polarity and Reactivity

Properties and Structures of Carbocations

Electrophiles and Carbocation Stability

Comparison of SN2 and SN1

Leaving Groups and Solvent Effects

Comparing E1 and E2

Summary: Determining SN2, SN­1, E2 or E1

Full Chapter Resources

Slide Presentations

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          Everything about substitution and elimination

          Summary of alkyl halides

          Alkyl halides ppt lecture

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Web Pages

        Great Summary of alkyl halide reactivity

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Book Chapters

          Book chapter on substitution reactions

Other Resources

        Alkyl halide flashcards

          Good Full coverage of substitution and elimination

          Substitution and elimination flash cards

Practice Problems

        Alkyl halide summary, with problems

          Answers to questions on alkyl halides