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Chapter 5 Outline

Free Radicals

          Enthalpy Changes in Chlorination

Carbon Reactive Intermediates

Full Chapter Resources


Slide Presentations

        Free Radical Handout

          Presentation on radical reactions


          Study of Chemical Reactions

Full Book Chapter

          Very detailed chapter on radical reactions

Other Resources

        ** Lots of radical reactons

Practice Problems

        Basically Exam 2

          Radical Summary with Practice Problems

Thermodynamics and Kinetics Summaries



Slide Presentations

        Reaction rates and equlibrium

          Kinetics and thermodynamics focused lecture

          Thermo dynamics and kinetics for organic chemistry

          Gen Chem presentation on thermodynamics

Web Pages

          Summary of reaction equilibria and kinetics in organic chem

          Database of organic thermochemisitry

          Summary of thermodynamics and kinetics