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Preface and Lab Details

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    This manual is the culmination of the efforts of many individuals. While many of the experiments are "classics", and appear in various forms in many Quantitative Analysis textbooks and laboratory manuals, much effort was expended to ensure that the experiments work well here at UC Davis and thus each experiment has been extensively tailored for our laboratory program and equipment. Many faculty, teaching assistants, staff members, and students have been involved in this developmental process. While they are all too numerous to mention here, special acknowledgment must be given Ling Ng, for her efforts to continually improve these experiments for the benefit of the student. Also, for his revision of the library project, special thanks go out to Cory Craig of the Physical Science Engineering Library.

    We view this manual as one of continual modification and over the past years many of these improvements have come from student comments and criticisms. We thus encourage you to discuss ideas for improvements with your TA and instructor. Special acknowledgements go to Dr. John Berg, Dr. Dara Gilbert, Kymton B.J. deCesare, Pam Lord, Heather Kalish, Debra Odink, John Sherlock, and Travis Ruthenburg.

    • A: Safety Policy
    • B: Laboratory Schedule
      Assignments are in the Chemistry 2BH Laboratory Manual. Students must read the assignment before coming to class. As a pre-laboratory preparation, the student must also write a title, purpose, brief outline of procedure, and outline of the data section in their bound notebook before beginning the experiment. A student must complete all the assigned laboratory work in order to pass the course.
    • C: Laboratory Policies

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