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4: Properties and Reactions of Alcohols

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    • Naming the Alcohols
    • Structural and Physical Properties of Alcohols
    • Alcohols as Acids and Bases
    • Industrial Sources of Alcohols-Carbon Monoxide and Ethene
    • Synthesis of Alcohols by Nucleophilic Substitution
    • Synthesis of Alcohols-Oxidation and Reduction Relation Between Alcohols and Carbonyl Compounds
    • Organometallic Reagents-Sources of Nucleophilic Carbon for Alcohol Synthesis
    • Organometallic Reagents in the Synthesis of Alcohols
    • Complex Alcohols-An Introduction to Synthetic Strategy
    • Reactions of Alcohols with Base-Preparation of Alkoxides
    • Reactions of Alcohols with Strong Acids-Alkyloxonium Ions in Substitution and Elimination Reactions of Alcohols
    • Carbocation Rearrangements
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