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Homework 17 (Due 5/20/2016)

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    Write the Lewis symbols for each of the following ions:

    1. As3–
    2. I
    3. Be2+
    4. O2–
    5. Ga3+
    6. Li+
    7. N3–

    Write Lewis structures for the following:

    1. H2
    2. HBr
    3. PCl3
    4. SF2
    5. H2CCH2
    6. HNNH
    7. H2CNH
    8. NO
    9. N2
    10. CO
    11. CN


    1. Draw a curve that describes the energy of a system with H and Cl atoms at varying distances. Then, find the minimum energy of this curve two ways.
    2. Use the bond energy found in the Table here to calculate the energy for one single HCl bond (Hint: How many bonds are in a mole?)


    Use valence bond theory to explain the bonding in F2, HF, and ClBr. Sketch the overlap of the atomic orbitals involved in the bonds.


    How many σ and π bonds are present in the molecule HCN?


    What is the difference between covalent bond and ionic bond wave functions?

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