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Homework 11 (Due 5/2/16)

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    Calculate the wavelength of the highest energy Balmer emission line of hydrogen.


    Calculate the wavelength of an ultraviolet transition in the Lyman emission series of Hydrogen gas from the n = 2 level and to the n= 1 level.


    Calculate the energy of a photon absorbed for an electron to jump from a n=3 and n=4 state of atomic hydrogen? Calculate the energy of a photon emitted for an electron to jump from a n=4 and n=3 state of atomic hydrogen?


    Calculate the wavenumber of the wavelength of the light emitted from the \(n=8\) to \(n=6\) transition.


    Explain what the expected emission spectrum would be for atomic hydrogen if continuum mechanics (i.e., classical mechanics) were applicable for describing it.

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