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Submit a Spreadsheet

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    To turn in your spreadsheet we need to enable link sharing. Your sheet may look slightly different depending on your university but the steps will still be the same.

    Open the form your instructor sent you and your copy of the spreadsheet.

    1. On your Spreadsheet Click Share in the top Right Corner (Figure 1)
    2. Go down to Get Link and click Change link (Figure 1)
    3. Change permissions to Editor (Figure 2)
    4. Press Copy Link (Figure 2)
    5. Go to the form and fill out your email and Name
    6. When it asks for your Link to Spreadsheet paste the link we copied in step 4.
    7. Submit your form



    Figure \(\PageIndex{1}\): Click Share at the top Right of your spreadsheet. Then click change link (Poirot)
    Figure \(\PageIndex{2}\): Change permissions to Editor then Copy Link (Poirot)

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