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Homework 59

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    The initial temperature for each substance, with an unknown mass, is and absorbs 2450 J of heat. Below, each final temperature is recorded with each substance. With what is given, what is the mass of each substance?

    A. Silver ()

    B. Water ()

    C. Granite ()

    What we know:

    • Initial Temperature()
    • Heat absorbed (2450 J)
    • Final Temperatures (Silver:, Water:, Granite:)
    • Specific Heats() (Silver: , Water:, Granite:).

    What it is asking for: The mass of each substance


    • Find an equation suitable with the information given
    • Plug in all the information given in the appropriate places in the equation
    • Solve and get the mass for each substance


    Heat= m

    m=mass = specific heat =()

    A. Silver

    B. Water

    C. Granite



    We have a 20.0 L cylinder that is filled with 28.6 g of oxygen gas at the temperature of 401 K. What is the pressure that the oxygen gas is putting on the cylinder?

    What we know:

    • Molar mass of O2= 32 g/mol
    • Temperature is 401 K
    • There is 28.6 g of Oxygen
    • The volume is 20.0 L

    What its asking for: The pressure of the gas


    • Find an equation that goes with what information you are given
    • plug in the information into the formula and get your answer


    Molar mass of O2= 32 g/mol

    Moles of O2 in 28.6 g= = 0.894 mol O2


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