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Homework 27

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    When measuring the mass of a cat that weighs around 4530 g that is placed on a scale that has markings at every 0.01 kg, which is the correct measurement reported on this scale?

    1. 4.5 kg
    2. 4.53 kg
    3. 5 kg
    4. 4.534 kg


    First you have to convert grams to kg because the scale is measured in kg. Once it is concerted to kg, you have to remember that when reading a scale, you need to read on sig fig past where the markings read.

    The grams will cross out to leave you with kg as the units. Since the the scale reads to the 0.01 kg, it would read as a clear marking at 4.53, and you would estimate the next number at the 0.001 kg. That being said the only answer that reads to that is D) 4.534 kg.


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