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Homework 18

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  • Q 1.63

    Given: 2 m square 2 m2

    Find: cm2

    Conceptual Plan: \[2 m^2\rightarrow cm^2\]

    Notice that for square units, the conversion factor must be squared.

    Solution: \[2 m^2\cdot \frac{100cm^2}{2m^2}=1\cdot 10^2cm^2\]

    Check: The units of the answer are correct and the magnitude makes sense. The unit centimeter is smaller than a meter, so the value in square centimeters should be larger that in square meters.

    Q 6.45

    Cooler X had more ice after 2 hours because most of the ice in cooler Y was melted in order to cool the drinks that started at room temperature. In cooler X the drinks were already cold and so the ice only needed to maintain its cool temperature.

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