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10.1.5: Peer Review

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    Its time to apply what you just learned!


    Follow the instructions (also in your google doc)...

    1. Get in groups (assigned groups of 3).
    2. Each of you should choose one of your essays or your MyMolecule draft to work on for this activity.
    3. "Switch" essays by making a copy of your google doc and sharing the copied google doc with your partner.
    4. You should each read your partner's essay. In the first paragraph, find any and all sentences that are not immediately easy to read and highlight them.
    5. Then figure out what might make the sentence easier to read and edit your partner's paragraph (move on to another paragraph if their first paragraph is perfect).
      • Try changing active vs passive voice.
      • Can you simplify the subjects/nouns?
      • Can you use alternative words choices to make the meaning more clear?

    After you've finished with the first paragraph of your partner's paper, you should talk with your partner. Discuss what you found with your partner.
    With your partner, read your own paragraph (before editing) out loud. Then read the edited version out loud.


    Now try to edit the next paragraph in your own document.

    Oftentimes we are numb to our own words. If you are having trouble identifying problems in your own work, try reading your sentence out loud. Does it sound right? Do you talk this way? If you are still having trouble, ask another person in this class for help. And/or come to office hours or go talk to the writing center!

    Edit your MyMolecule Draft

    These are the recommended steps for writing:

    1. Write an outline.*
    2. Construct figures, tables, schemes and other graphical materials.
    3. Write the first draft in SECTIONS.
    4. REVISE
    5. Get feedback
    6. REVISE
    7. Repeat steps d-f!

    *If you started writing without making an outline, its time to START OVER!

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