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Eating Disorders Assignment -- Body Image and the Media

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  • Media also has a problem with reality testing.  A good example is the photograph below, before and after "retouching," as if the woman was not beautiful enough.


    The purpose of this project is to explore what the American media shows us about body image and standards of beauty.  Use the websites below as a starting point, and create a weebly or thinglink presentation.  

    Here's what you need to include:

    A slide show of images from the media with captions and/or explanations.

    At least 2 videos about body image and the media (be careful of the length of the video).

    A Short Writing Assignment which is an analysis of what you saw about body image and standards of beauty.  How do these messages affect clients with eating disorders?


    Remember to cite your sources and keep all images and text school appropriate.