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OCD Assignment

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    Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

    In order for a person to be classified as having OCD, the person must have both obsessive thoughts and compulsive behavior. Obsessive-compulsive behavior seems to result from attempts to resolve guilt, anxiety, or insecurity.

    For example, a person who is anxious about someone breaking into their home may get up and check the front door a dozen times. This ritualistic behavior alleviates the anxiety that someone will break in. When no one breaks into their home, the person’s rituals are validated and the rituals continue. To the person with OCD, if they did not continue this ritual "something bad" would happen.

    OCD: Person is troubled by both obsessions and compulsions.

    Obsessive:  Excessive; often to an unreasonable degree

    Compulsive: An irresistible persistent impulse to perform an act.

    Alleviate To lesson; to make easier to endure

    Ritualistic Excessive devotion to ritual.

    Learn about this experience with obsessive-compulsive disorder in the attached story.