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    Phobia Disorders

    We are going to briefly review phobias even though we covered them last month here as they are considered an anxiety disorder. Specific phobic disorders focus upon a particular object or situation.

    Phobic Disorders When a person becomes disabled and overwhelmed by fear in the presence of certain objects or events.

    Imagine for a moment how you feel when you are surrounded by this fear. You can begin to empathize with people who have GAD when you think about how you actually feel when you are in the presence of your fear. The person with GAD feels this way all the time. The difference between GAD and a phobia is that the phobia is only in specific situations and GAD is all the time.

    Phobias are thought to come from a learned situation. For example, Erin was playing and fell and cut her knee. When she came inside her brother began screaming, “You are bleeding! You are bleeding!” She looked down and realized she was in fact bleeding. Her brother’s fear and the sight of blood has led her to have hematophobia

    Hematophobia The fear of blood.

    Please review the list of phobias attached to prepare for your test this week~