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GAD Quiz

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  • cc_profilecc.exam.v0p1qmd_assessmenttypeExaminationqmd_scoretypePercentagecc_maxattempts2<p>You have two chances to complete this exam~ I will keep the highest score.</p>
    cc_profilecc.true_false.v0p1<p>The nature theory would state that the cause of your anxiety would be based on your experiences.</p>TrueFalse2100cc_profilecc.true_false.v0p1<p>To treat GAD that is thought to be caused by nature theory then medications are usually used.</p>TrueFalse3100cc_profilecc.true_false.v0p1<p>Another mental health disorder that is often found with a person with GAD is Schizophrenia.</p>TrueFalse6100cc_profilecc.true_false.v0p1<p>There are not usually physical symptoms when a person has GAD.</p>TrueFalse8100cc_profilecc.multiple_choice.v0p1<p>The DSM-IVR is called the</p>Diagnostic and Statistical Manual for Mental Disorders.Diagnostic and Statute Mental Disorders Book.Diagnostic and Symptoms Manual for Mental Disorders.9100