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Personality Disorders Assignment

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     Personality Disorders Assignment

    By now you should be familiar with the personality disorders and characteristics that classify a person with this diagnosis. In this assessment you are going to create a scenarios based upon one of the personality orders you learned about in this lesson.

    Follow these steps when writing your personality disorder scenarios.

    1. First, choose one of the personality disorders:
    • Schizoid
    • Paranoid
    • Antisocial
    1. Provide the following for the personality disorder you have chosen:
    • Invent a name for your character—be creative.
      For example: Paula the Paranoid Popcorn Sales Person.
    • Give background details about your character.
      For example: Paula was born in the Northeastern portion of the United States. Her mom, Pam the Paranoid Police Officer, was always thinking she was being followed and that people had it “in for her." Paula learned from her mom that she cannot trust anyone. While Paula has two friends, she does not trust either of them. Since Paula is in sales, she has to visit many different stores in hopes of making a sale. When she visits the stores, she always looks around the room for someone who may be trying to “steal” her sales pitch. She has learned to be nice to the customer, but to never believe the customer will purchase the popcorn until she receives the money.
    • Please describe three specific characteristics your character displays that makes him or her have this personality disorder?
      For example: Paula has five deadbolt locks on the front door of her home. When she is on a sales call and she needs to use the bathroom, she always checks every stall in the bathroom to ensure no one is hiding in the bathroom. She will not speak on the phone, as she is afraid her phone is tapped.
    • List two reasons why this character would be diagnosed with this personality disorder. For example: Paula would be diagnosed with paranoid personality disorder because she displays behaviors that show she does not trust others and she is suspicious of others including her friends.
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