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    3.05 Adulthood and Aging: Climbing over the hill

    It has been said that the only thing guaranteed in life are taxes and death. Funny enough, some people hide from the IRS while others cannot even fathom the idea of speaking about death. The one thing we know for sure, no matter which continent you live on or which culture you come from, is we will all get older and we will all die. What happens to us after we perish is what makes our cultures unique. Let’s explore what we have all been waiting for…becoming an adult!

    What is adulthood?


    Becoming an adult means you are taking on responsibility for yourself and, sometimes, for your own family. For some people, this responsibility comes before their 18th birthday, but for most, it is at approximately the age of 20. Adulthood can be broken up into three segments: young adulthood, middle adulthood, and late adulthood.