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Gender and Communication

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    Gender and Communication

    The way in which men and women communicate is just another aspect of what makes the two genders so different and what gives validity to the thought that men and women are from different planets. Keep in mind while there are some distinct differences in the ways each gender tends to communicate, we cannot lump all men or all women into fixed categories. Advice for good communication (regardless of gender) is to actively listen and ask questions when you are not sure you understand what is being said.

    Men rely on verbal communication while women tend to use verbal and non-verbal communication.

    Women: "Did you see how she was looking at me? I'm sure she is mad."
    Man: "She said she was fine. I don't know what you are talking about."

    Men offer advice or solutions while women tend to offer understanding and empathy.

    Man: "Juan told me today that he is not getting along with his step-dad. I told him he should work harder to complete his chores on time."
    Woman: "Oh, that must be so hard. That age is so difficult. I can remember the time in my life when my mom and I fought over everything!"

    Men view communication as sharing of information while women view communication as sharing of feelings.

    Woman: "We don't talk enough. I would like to spend more of our time together really talking."
    Man: "I don't understand what you mean. We talk all the time. We talk about the news, the kids, and our days. How much more can we talk?"

    Women value negotiation and consensus while men like to simply state their preferences.

    Woman: "Are you interested in stopping to get a cup of coffee on our way into work this morning?"
    Man: "No, thanks. I'm not in the mood for coffee today."