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    By now, you should have a greater understanding of parenting styles, changes adolescents go through, and the need to belong.

    If you cannot bear the thought of communicating your feelings with someone, it can be therapeutic to write your feelings down on paper. This is called journaling or diary writing and is what you will be doing for this assignment.

    Therapeutic: Treatments to induce relaxation, reduce pain, and promote healing.

    Journal writing is a form of autobiographical writing where the author writes about personal experiences or his or her feelings on any given topic. This type of writing does not need to be kept in a traditional diary; it just needs to be free-form writing.

    I did a bit off this when I was a teenager and I wish I had done more. I love to look back at what I was experiencing all of those years ago. The small amount I did I do treasure. I wish I had done more so that I would have that keepsake for me and my teenagers~ Just be sure your journal  is keep in a safe private area that nobody else can access. You want to be able to be very honest and not worry what others may think if they read it.