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    When Teens Feel Alienated

    In recent years we have heard about the shootings at schools and universities by young people who have felt alienated by the greater majority of people. Although this is not a common way to react when a person feels alienated, we must look at the factors associated with alienation.

     While some teens feel very connected with their friends and the commonalities they share with those friends, some cannot find their place at all. When a group or clique’s interest becomes picking on or bullying another person, our society has reason to worry. A person's psyche cannot take being tormented for long before he or she will react. Sometimes the person who has been bullied reacts by calling the bully names, engaging in physical altercations, and sometimes even worse.

     A person who has been made fun of, teased, or tormented will eventually blow! As much as you love to feel like you belong, the person who is being tormented would love to feel like he or she belongs as well.

    Adolescence is the same for each teen and having friends is a natural and healthy way to go through life. What are some ways you can help? If you see a person being tormented or teased, tell an adult and do not stop telling an adult until the bullied person gets some help. You can make a difference and remember that we all need a friend.