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    Erik Erikson argued that each stage of life has its own “ psychosocial” task, a crisis that needs a resolution. Young children, birth until about one year old, struggle with the issues of trust. Parents, according to Erikson, who are sensitive, loving, and form a lifelong attitude of trust rather than fear, will have children that have the ability to trust. According to Erikson’s theory, if a child (infant to one year old) has an insecure attachment to his or her parent, he or she will mistrust people. A toddler may often express, “I will do it myself!” This is a normal part of development, according to Erikson, and must be nurtured. So, a parent who allows the toddler to "do it myself" will foster the idea of autonomy.

    Erik Erikson: A developmental psychologist known for his theory on social development of human beings, and for coining the phrase identity crisis.