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Module Four Exam

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    4.08 Module Four Review and Exam

    Congratulations on completing Module Four! You have learned about acquiring, processing, and forgetting information and about intelligence and creativity!

    To prepare for your Module Four exam, you should spend time with this exam review.

    Module Four Exam Review:

    Lesson 04.01:

    1. Describe the components of classical conditioning.
    2. Who is known for the following?
    • Conditioning dogs
    • Little Albert
    • Peter
    1. What is emotional conditioning?

    Lesson 04.02:

    1. Who is best known for his work with Operant conditioning?
    2. What is the difference between classical and operant conditioning?
    3. What is positive and negative reinforcement?
    4. What is punishment?
    5. Discuss the following in classical and operant conditioning:
    • Generalization
    • Discrimination
    • Extinction
    • Shaping
    • Chaining

    Lesson 04.03:

    1. For what is Albert Bandura most noted?
    2. Describe the Bobo-Doll experiment.
    3. What are cognitive maps?

    Lesson 04.04:

    1. List and describe the special learning processes.
    2. Describe the term schema.
    3. Compare and contrast negative and positive transfer of learning.

    Lesson 04.05:

    1. What is the difference between long and short-term memory?
    2. Describe ways to improve memory.
    3. Describe recall and recognition.

    Lesson 04.06:

    1. For what are the following noted?
    • Alfred Binet
    • David Wechsler
    1. How does intelligence vary?
    2. What is intellectually disabled and it's classifications?

    Lesson 04.07

    1. What is the difference between intelligence and creativity?
    2. Describe the term "mental set."