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Creativity Quiz

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    cc_profilecc.multiple_choice.v0p1<p>Which option<strong>best</strong>helps foster creativity in a child?</p>Demand excellence in any task the child does.Allow the child to try many different activities and ways to do thingsRelate good performance to extrinsic rewards.Give the child opportunities to concentrate on a single task.2100cc_profilecc.true_false.v0p1<p>The difference between intelligence and<span style="text-decoration: underline;">creativity</span>is that intelligence can be measured by a test and creativity cannot.</p>TrueFalse5100cc_profilecc.multiple_choice.v0p1<p>The tendency to generate ideas, alternatives, and possibilities that may be useful in solving problems, entertaining others and ourselves.</p>CreativityIntelligence7100cc_profilecc.true_false.v0p1<p>In the traditional classroom, many students who are labeled creative are usually the teacher’s pet.</p>TrueFalse10100cc_profilecc.true_false.v0p1<p>The left side is the more logical side and the right side is the more creative side.</p>TrueFalse11100