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Cognitive Development

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  • cc_profilecc.exam.v0p1qmd_assessmenttypeExaminationqmd_scoretypePercentagecc_maxattempts4<p>Get out your notes from the Cognitive Development lecture and from the webinar. Use them to answer all of these choices correctly. May the force be with you.</p>
    cc_profilecc.multiple_choice.v0p1<p>Who is a famous psychologist who developed a cognitive development model?</p>Sigmund FreudCarl JungAaron BeckJean PiagetAlbert Vygotsky4100cc_profilecc.multiple_choice.v0p1<p>A schema is</p>a organized pattern of thought or organizing operationally defined construct.7100cc_profilecc.multiple_choice.v0p1<p>According to Piaget, what were the two things everyone needs in order to learn and grow?</p>Biological maturation and environmental experience.Biological maturation and a learning acquisition device.A learning acquisition device and environmental experience.Biological maturation and uniform construct.10100cc_profilecc.multiple_choice.v0p1<p>People have an easy time integrating new info when __________________ and a more difficult time when___________________.</p>it contradicts their previous schemata; it fits into their previous fits into their previous schemata; it contradicts their previous challenges their previous schemata; it fits into their previous changes their previous schemata; it challenges their previous schemata.15100cc_profilecc.multiple_choice.v0p1<p>Assimilation is</p>creating a new schema.taking in new information and creating a new schema.taking old information and creating a new schema.taking new information and placing it inside already existing schemas.21100cc_profilecc.multiple_choice.v0p1<div class="O1" style="margin-top: 5.0pt; margin-bottom: 0pt; margin-left: .6in; text-indent: -.3in; text-align: left; direction: ltr; unicode-bidi: embed;"><span style="font-size: 23.0pt;"><span style="color: #c0504d; font-family: 'Wingdings 3'; font-size: 76%;"></span></span><span style="font-size: 14px; font-family: 'Gill Sans MT'; color: #1f497d;">Taking new info that does not fit existing schemata and creating a new schema is called</span></div>assimilation.accommodation.appropriation.administration.mind explosion.23100cc_profilecc.multiple_choice.v0p1<p>What is a feature of the sensorimotor stage?</p>Object permanenceThinking in images and symbolsInductive logicegocentrism27100cc_profilecc.multiple_choice.v0p1<p>What is a feature of the preoperational stage?</p>Asking why about everythingDeductive logicConnecting senses to physical actionsDeveloping empathy31100cc_profilecc.multiple_choice.v0p1<p>What is a feature of the concrete operational stage?</p>Putting things in your mouth.EgocentrismInductive logicProblem-solving37100cc_profilecc.multiple_choice.v0p1<p>What is a feature of the formal operational stage?</p>Inductive logicThinking in images and symbolsAbstract thoughtObject Permanence 41100