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Dream Interpretation

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  • Let's find out if Jung was correct! He postulated that your dreams were your subconscious desires and fears coming through into your subconscious mind while you were dreaming.

    This assignment has two parts:
    1. Dream journal:
    Keep a journal, or at least some paper, by your bed and record what happens in your dreams for three or four nights. If you tend not to remember your dreams, a good idea is to wake yourself up two hours or so after you've fallen asleep to record your dreams.
    ****Remember that the dreams you will use for this project should be school appropriate and something you are willing to share*****

    2. After you've recorded some dreams, write a reflection with these sections:
    1. Description of the dream
    2. Archetypes or symbols from the dream
    3. Your interpretation about what the dream and the archetypes mean.

    Below are links for archetypes. You can also google dream interpretation and find all kinds of dream dictionaries and lists of symbols.

    I added some dreams from me and my kids from our dream journals.  Use them if you do not want to share your dreams.

    ****Remember to keep all discussions of dreams and dream interpretation appropriate for school*****